Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Jet Lag

We love all our patients, but we especially love it when people just back from trips visit us for a reboot in one of our three mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. Not only to we get to help them reduce their jet lag symptoms and recovery time, we also get to hear the exciting stories of their travels.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Jet Lag

Airplane cabins are usually pressured to the equivalent of 6,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level. That air pressure is significantly less than what most people are used to, and it also means that the amount of oxygen in your blood is reduced. That reduced oxygen causes symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and even insomnia.

So if you’ve been traveling, not only are you dealing with adjusting between time zones, your body is also feeling the effects of the reduced oxygen that comes with flying. And that’s where the power of mHBOT comes in. Since the air pressure inside an mHBOT chamber is two to three times higher, your blood is able to deliver more oxygen, helping your body attain balance more quickly after travel. Generally, we suggest one to two 90-minute sessions within the first few days of returning from a trip.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a tool to help speed jet lag recovery time is especially popular among pro athletes who travel for games. It’s also increasingly used by frequent travelers who want to reduce their post-trip downtime and feel better quickly. Jill Trotta, one of our patients who comes to us for help alleviating jet lag, says, “I often travel for work. I often travel for a week at a time and, in that time, I’ll be on six different planes and in three different cities. [When I come back,] I go into the chamber on East Coast time, feeling tired and sluggish. And when I come out—and particularly when I wake up the next day—I feel like I’m in the right time zone again and wake up rested. It really puts me back in my body.” She compares this experience to when she doesn’t do mHBOT after returning from her travels: “If I don’t do the chamber, it usually takes me about a week to recover and to start feeling normal again.”

We’d love to talk more to you about your travels and how mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help with the symptoms of jet lag.