Wound Care

Wounds need oxygen to heal properly, and lack of oxygenation can slow recovery. HBOT has been successful in treating wounds caused by both injury and underlying conditions such as diabetes, healing them more quickly and completely. While it is best to begin treatment soon after the onset of the injury, even wounds that are treated months afterwards have been healed successfully with HBOT.

Benefits of HBOT for wound treatment include

  • Faster healing

  • Complete healing of previously unhealed wounds

Wounds that have benefitted from HBOT include

  • Diabetes-related wounds

  • Delayed-radiation injuries

  • Soft-tissue infections

  • Thermal burns

  • Skin grafts and flaps

  • Crush injuries

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HBOT for spider bites and non-healing wounds

Diabetic wounds and HBOT

HBOT heals radiation-therapy wound incurred 25 years ago