Holistic Hyperbarics Athletics Commercial Transcript

Alex Voiceover: For athletes, the benefits are immediate. Whether it’s pre- or post-workout, hyperbaric oxygen therapy gives you that competitive edge. It improves blood flow, rapidly increases APP, and increases collagen production.

Arian: The sports I do, I primarily like to run, but not just, you know, get on the road and do your standard run. I like to do trail runs, specifically obstacle course racing, so you run, climb a wall, run, pick up something heavy, tun with that for a little bit.

Casey: In my free time, I like to grapple a couple times a week, and lift heavy weights to support that grappling.

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a way to get more oxygen into your body and it’s very simple. You’re just breathing normally, and every time you breathe, more oxygen will enter your bloodstream and get to areas that are metabolically active, like your brain, your heart, your joints, and energize.

Arian: The first time I got in the chamber, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d heard good things about it, I’d read about it, and you know, the science was there, per se, that it’s a really great tool for helping athletes recover, getting the body refreshed and ready for that next big event or next training.

Casey: Prior to doing hyperbarics, I had done a bunch of things, you know, from mobility to meditation to PRPs, always looking to recover quicker so that I can get back in the gym faster.

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: Think of this as a glorified supplement, where every time you breathe, fourteen times a minute, you are getting more oxygen into your blood, getting more oxygen, more energy, quicker repair, function, regeneration, and that happens for all metabolically active tissue.

Arian: Coming out, I slept like a baby and then the next day I felt as though I hadn’t worked out at all that week. And this was, I think I went in on the weekend, so I’d been training all week, and you know, lifting weights, running hard, jumping, thrashing myself, but that Monday I was like a brand new man, ready to go.

Casey: The recovery was difficult to describe, it was an incredible sensation. I felt like I had not worked out in a month but in a really positive way. My muscles felt light, I felt relaxed, I felt mentally alert. It was just, it was like the best sleep that I had ever had.

Arian: The amenities afterward, you know, you get your vitamins, water, everyone’s calm and relaxed and making sure you’re having a good time.

Casey: Hyperbarics now has become an, the best part of my recovery routine. And it’s one of those tools that once you do it once, it becomes essential.