Pricing & Packages

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy increases oxygen absorption in the body and helps improve circulation, decrease inflammation, and speed up cell regeneration and growth. Most clients feel some effect right after their first session but continuous therapy improves your body's ability to recharge in and out of the chamber. We've priced our sessions affordably and offer flexible packages so that you can get into the chamber for the length of time and frequency that works best for you. 

Pricing for Individual Sessions


Introductory session and guided dive $190

mHBOT single session (90 min. duration) $160

Hardshell HBOT Single session (75 min. duration) $200



Clients may buy packages after completing their first intro session.


5 session package

mHBOT $700 / Hardshell HBOT $950


10 session package

mHBOT $1300 / Hardshell HBOT $1700


20 session package

mHBOT $2400 / Hardshell HBOT $3200


40 session package

mHBOT $3900 / Hardshell HBOT $6000

Community Worker Discounts

We offer discounts for EMTs, police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and social workers.

Please call for details on these discounts. 


We accept debit and credit cards.

*Unused sessions may be transferred to other individuals, provided they have completed their initial guided session. Sessions never expire and roll over into your next package.

We do not offer refunds on completed sessions. Please also be advised that refunds will not be issued in cases of early treatment termination, such as due to an adverse medical reaction or non-compliance with treatment regulations.

Please allow at least 24 hours for appointment changes or cancellations. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before a session will be charged 50% of the treatment price. No-show appointments or appointments cancelled or changed less than 4 hours before your scheduled session will be charged the full treatment price. Please understand that time was reserved for you and it is extremely difficult to fill a time slot with little notice. Repeated cancellations or no-shows may require prepayment before booking.