With the number of families affected by autism still on the rise, many are seeking alternative treatments, as traditional medications have proven costly and ineffective. Studies show, and parental observations corroborate, that HBOT can help ameliorate the effects of autism spectrum disorders in children in a safe, tolerated setting. HBOT has helped thousands of autistic patients by decreasing inflammation and improving cognitive functions.

Benefits of HBOT for autism include

Enhanced brain healing and repair

  • Increases oxygen delivery to hypoxic tissue

  • Reduces neuroinflammation

  • Stimulates stem cell proliferation and mobilization

  • Lowers frequency of seizure

Improved physical function

  • Promotes receptive and expressive language

  • Improves movement and gross and fine motor skills

  • Stimulates eye contact

Advanced mental function

  • Improves sensory and cognitive awareness

  • Increases attention span and alertness

Improved behavioral function

  • Improves sleep pattern

  • Advances social skills and interactions

  • Reduces aggression

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Autistic children show significant improvements in overall functioning with HBOT

HBOT helps symptoms of children with autism

HBOT in autism spectrum disorders