Stem Cells

Stem cells can develop into different types of cells in the body, and serve as the body’s primary internal repair system. Because they have the ability to differentiate into cells with specialized functions (e.g., blood, brain, or tissue cells), stem cells help regenerate and protect the body from the effects of disease and aging.

Benefits of HBOT for stem cells include

  • Significantly increases the concentration of circulating stem/progenitor cells within the peripheral circulation system

  • Increases blood plasma oxygen levels

  • Promotes enhanced and accelerated physiological repair due to elevated stem cell counts

  • Helps bone-marrow derived stem cells significantly proliferate and mobilize due to increased blood plasma oxygen levels

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HBOT and stem cell transplantation enhance effectiveness of recovery from spinal cord injuries

New brain tissue growth after a long course of HBOT

Oxygen tensions directly affect the growth of neural crest stem cells