Radiation Damage

Soft-tissue radionecrosis is a complication of cancer radiation therapy where the cells in bones, organs, and soft tissues die off after treatment. Side effects of radiation therapy may not be noticed for months or even years after treatment. Delayed radiation injuries most often stem from scarring and restricted blood flow near the tumor treatment site. Radionecrosis may also be caused by radiation exposure or misdirected beams of radiation, whether resulting from human error or from device malfunction.  

Note that HBOT is used to treat delayed radiation injuries; not acute radiation injuries, acute radiation syndrome (ARS), or radiation poisoning.  

Benefits of HBOT for delayed radiation injuries include

  • Promotes tiny new blood vessels to grow inside and around the radiation site so more oxygen-rich blood can reach the affected area

  • Decreases swelling around the radiation site, allowing the blood to flow more freely and deliver oxygen for repair

  • Increases the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria

  • Increases stem cell activity

  • Reduces scarring