Holistic Hyperbarics General Commercial Transcript

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a way to get more oxygen into your body.

Mika: I’d had a failed round of IVF, and a healthcare provider I was working with recommended hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Sylvia: I have Lyme Disease.

Diana: I’m recovering from when I was hit by a car as a pedestrian.

Casey: In my free time, I like to grapple.

Michelle: My body was mysteriously not sending blood to my right foot.

Grace: I started using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to recover from surgery.

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: Hyperbaric oxygen is a powerful, powerful way to reduce inflammation in the body, and by reducing inflammation, a lot of time you have a pain. It only takes two to four sessions for that strong anti-inflammatory response.

Alex: I wanted to make a space that married both a medical treatment that was helping people and a place that was comfortable and approachable.

Mika: I’m 21 weeks pregnant.

Sylvia: I felt like my life was coming back for the first time in six years.

Michelle: This got the blood flowing to my foot.

Casey: Wrestling and weight lifting before and after using the hyperbaric is night and day.

Diana: You wouldn’t be able to tell just from seeing me out walking that there was an accident that happened to me.

Grace: My surgical incision sites would’ve been scabbed for a longer period of time and they were asking me what I was doing, what magic potion I was drinking to get the results that I had.