Holistic Hyperbarics Healing Commercial Transcript

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a way to get more oxygen into your body, for function, for repair, for regeneration.

Grace: My name is Grace, and I started using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to recover from surgery.

Diana: My name is Diana, and I’m recovering from when I was hit by a car as a pedestrian.

Alex: When I got a call from Grace, it was really exciting because I knew I had this chance to make her feel better in a shorter amount of time.

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: We had great successes using hyperbaric oxygen post-surgery.

Grace: When I came out of surgery, I had a lot of pain and fluid buildup as well as inflammation. And what exacerbated that is I had a surgery out of state. So when I got off the five hour flight that I was on, my bandages were tight, I was just in a lot of pain from just being so inflamed from the flight.

Alex: We had her come in right away.

Grace: When I looked at the chamber, it was just like a very comfy mattress, luxurious pillow.

Alex: And she called me that night after her first session and she said that her pain went down by over 80%.

Grace: Subsequently, I just started feeling stronger, I had no more pain.

Alex: It’s so gratifying to know that I can do that for a person without them having to take drugs or lose sleep over pain.

Grace: I could think more clearly, I had more focus.

Alex: She was moving better, she had more energy. There were several times I had to tell her, hey, you still can’t wear a backpack because of your surgical site.

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: What happens in a hyperbaric chamber, you’ll get in, you breathe normally, and every time you breathe, more oxygen, more energy, allowing your organs and organ systems to gain more energy, and start the reparative regeneration.

Grace: When I sent my pictures to the nurses as a follow-up just to see how I was progressing, the nurses were shocked that I was healing as fast as I was. They said normally, like my surgical incision sites would have been scabbed for a longer period of time and they were asking me what I was doing, what magic potion I was drinking to get the results that I have.

Grace: Diana is a wonderful case. I mean, talk about transformative.

Diana: I sustained three traumatic brain injuries.

Alex: When she came into our place, she was unable to walk on her own, she seemed very disoriented and in a lot of pain.

Diana: But at the beginning, the sounds were overwhelming, it was just way too loud, it was very difficult to be in any normal environment.

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: Think about it, 25% of the oxygen that goes into your body goes into the brain and is utilized by the brain. The brain only weighs 3% of your body weight, so it is the highest consumer of oxygen.

Diana: The first session really helped the problem with the sound, like it helped my, after I came out, I could feel the sound had lowered intensity.

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: Very easily, every time you breathe, the liquid surrounding the brain just get more oxygen, easily transfers to the fatty tissue of the brain, the brain energizes. What happens with energy? Faster, quicker, mental clarity.

Diana: In general, I just think it helped overall my body to recover by itself, or to do what it needed to do to keep healing.

Dr. Zayd Ratansi: And it’s very simple, you’re just breathing normally, and every time you breathe, more oxygen will enter your bloodstream and get to areas that are metabolically active, like your brain, your heart, your joints, and energize.

Diana: It just seemed to provide or to reset things inside me that just made me feel better as far as energy or mood.

Alex: And then throughout the weeks, more and more progression was shown. She’d come out of the chamber and she was moving easier. She would tell me that she did something that she couldn’t do before, like stand up and have energy to do things in the kitchen. And slowly, she started talking more about what she loved to do, which was dancing.

Diana: I mean, you wouldn’t be able to tell just from seeing me out walking that there was an accident that happened to me so severe, really. I am a dancer and I have come back to dancing. It’s definitely not, like I wouldn't say 100%, but it’s very close.

Alex: There are so many conditions that I see, that before our place, they didn't have a place to go and heal themselves. And so it’s really exciting to provide a place for people to say, hey I have this thing and it may not fit in the box that’s needed for insurance, but I need help and I think this can help me, I read about this helping me. And when they come in and they’re able to just relax, magical things happen, and it’s a real gift.

Diana: It’s felt very supportive and safe and clear and transparent.

Grace: So I kind of see myself coming back to this therapy even after I’m completely healed.