Your Experience With Us

The route to healing is different for everyone, but at Holistic Hyperbarics we believe that a combination of the best medicine and relaxing, holistically minded environment promotes the most effective recovery. To that end, we have designed your experience to include exactly the same HBOT treatment you would receive in a medical facility with the added comfort and care of a spa.

When you arrive and check in, you’ll be taken to your private treatment room. We keep the rooms cool for the treatment, but we provide blankets and warm tea to make sure you’re comfortable.

On your first visit

You’ll be given a brief questionnaire to assess your goals for  the therapy as well as what might help make the treatment more enjoyable for you. Next, you’ll watch a five-minute video to review the treatment and what you can expect.Afterwards your dive guide can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Then it’s time to take your first dive!

Your guide will help you get settled in the chamber comfortably with any books, magazines, or devices you would like to have. You can listen to music, stream movies, meditate - whatever you like to do when you have 90 minutes of downtime. There are pillows and blankets, and if you prefer to sleep, we encourage you to do so.

Your dive guide will be in the room with you to walk you through the initial dive. The pressurization takes six minutes in the soft shell chamber, during which you will feel a bit like when you take off or land in an airplane (your dive in the hard shell chamber can take 6-25 minutes depending on the depth of your prescribed dive and adjustment and comfort level). You will need to clear your ears several times, so we provide chewing gum to help if you’d like. Once the pressurization is complete, you will be in the chamber for 90 minutes. During this time, your dive guide will leave the room, but you will have a walkie-talkie to stay connected. One of our staff will always be within 30 feet to help you with anything you need or any questions you have while you’re in the chamber.  

After your dive, we’ll bring you to a decompression retreat room, where you can relax in a zero-gravity chair with jade infrared heating. We will bring you warm towels, as well as vitamins and water to help your body metabolize the extra oxygen. We invite you to stay in the retreat room up to an hour, but recommend at least 15 minutes.  When you’re ready to leave, one of our staff will check you out and send you on your way,

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How to prepare for your dive

We encourage you to:

  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing

  • Have a snack before your session

  • Bring a book or iPad/phone (and headphones) if you’d like entertainment

We ask that you refrain from the following, beginning 4 hours before treatment:

  • Carbonated beverages, including kombucha

  • Smoking or other means of nicotine delivery

  • Hallucinogenic or other psychoactive substances

  • Sleep medications or any other drugs that might make you drowsy

Please remember to bring a valid ID. Clients under 18 must have a legal guardian sign off on their treatment. Children under 12 are required to be accompanied in the chamber.

We look forward to providing you with a healing experience!

Accessibility at Holistic Hyperbarics

Holistic Hyperbarics is a fully accessible location. We work to accommodate the needs of all of our clients. Our building is wheelchair accessible, and our staff is trained to help you maneuver the chambers. We have a Hoyer lift on premise if you have difficulty getting in and out of the chambers. If you have questions about accessibility please feel free to email us or give us a call.

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